Custom Juniper Wood Frame

We’ve posted before about the incredible work that can be done when you are actually custom making frames from real reclaimed wood, rather than purchasing pre-made mouldings.

Recently, we had the opportunity to create a frame from reclaimed Juniper wood to go around a beautiful piece of art by Shonto Begay.

The client chose Juniper wood to match the subject matter of the piece, and the frame came out incredible. Live edges, a custom prickly pear cactus inlay, as well as real lichen growing on the wood make this a true one-of-a-kind picture frame.

Cream 8-ply rag boards and a subtle green fillet accent the range of color in the piece and finish everything off rather nicely, don’t you think?


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Framing Original Slides with Prints

Woodstock. 1969. Photographer Ed George flew out on assignment to photograph a music festival that had attracted nearly half a million people. His photographs were published with national coverage, and the original slides were put away for safekeeping.

Flagstaff, AZ. 2017. The original slides from that day were given away as a gift, and found their way into The Framing Department to see how they could be displayed.

After scanning the original slides and making 13×20 color inkjet prints, our team designed a “totally rock and roll” display, including a custom designed battery-powered LED backlight and mount for the original slides.

Using slim mat margins allowed us to fit all three images of the series on the same wall in the client’s house.

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10×10 Show

This year we had the opportunity to donate framing for the 10×10 show at the Coconino Center for the Arts, hosted by the Flagstaff Arts Council.
Each artist who needed framing was invited to come into our shop and choose any framing combination they desired. This collaboration resulted in over $10,000 in donated custom frames. All the artwork was then donated by the individual artists to the Flagstaff Arts Council to be displayed together in the annual 10×10 show; 100 works of art, selling at $100 each.


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Celebrating 15 Years: Now Open Saturdays!

We’re doing something a little different this year to celebrate our 15th anniversary.


Starting in June, we will be open Saturdays from 10am to 3pm, to better serve our framing customers. That includes order pickup, new order placement and design consultation.
See you Saturday!

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Overland Expo Photography Contest Mounting


Working with the Overland Expo is great! To celebrate their 10th anniversary, they held a photography contest and got hundreds of submissions. Somehow, they came up with eight finalist photographs, which we printed, laminated and mounted to silver dibond. The images will be displayed in downtown Flagstaff at the “Gear and Beer” events, then in a central tent at the expo itself.

Originally, the Expo was thinking about just printing the images and mounting them to gator foam. While we love that method for keeping things simple, it isn’t exactly weather-proof, and judging by the weather at the last two Overland Expo evens, we suggested something a little more protective. The luster laminate will reduce glare from harsh sunlight *and* provide a waterproof layer to ensure the photograph stays looking its best! The aluminum mount is sturdy enough to withstand getting knocked about a little in the wind, and is much more weather-resistant than gator foam.

We are looking forward to camping out at the Overland Expo and chatting with photographers from all over the world!
The event is May 20-22 at Mormon Lake Lodge, just outside Flagstaff.

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