Bob Garcia has just completed a project that was over forty years in the making, with a little patience and a lot of love.  In the early sixties Bob had the good fortune to experience, first-hand, the birth of Rock and Roll through the eyes of a teenager, and the lens of his Father’s medium format camera.  It is these images that will be on display Friday, March 4th at the Organic Beauty Lounge on North San Francisco Street for “First Friday Art Walk”, right next to Mountain Sports.

In addition to the new prints developed at Hidden Light, Bob had four images, that he had developed and printed on his own, that had been hidden away in shoeboxes and notebooks for near half a century.  These were framed alongside the new prints developed from his original negatives.

Bob didn’t stop working when he brought these old images and negatives to the crew at Hidden Light, though.  He spent hours in the darkroom developing and working with the photographs alongside printers Larry and Steve, choosing the frames and formats, and signing each mat before the work could be completed.

So take the time this Friday to stop in and see Bob’s show.  They are great photographs of rock and roll icons before their prime, and Bob will be there to tell you the stories.

Thanks Bob!

Bob Garcia, Rock N’ Roll, & First Friday Art Walk
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