"Joel and Barb Wolfson"

Recently we had the pleasure of framing a classic piece of Major League Baseball history for Barb and Joel Wolfson.  This pennant is from the the Brooklyn Dodgers and dates sometime in the early thirties, the era to which the Dodgers were referred to as “Dem Bums”.  Barb’s father grew up in Brooklyn and was a die-hard Dodgers fan, even after the dodgers moved to L.A. 1958.  The pennant hung on the wall of their home throughout Barb’s childhood, and in the interest of preservation, she brought it to us here at The Framing Department.

Matt had to come up with some creative solutions to get the right look for this project.  Barb wanted the pennant to float inside the shadowbox so we raised the mounting surface behind the pennant to separate it from the back of the box.

Then there’s  the fun part!  Here’s Matt stitching the pennant using a clear monofilament.  And, finally, the “weathered” fillet for that antique look.  Notice the color match with the pennant.  Thanks Barb!

Brooklyn Dodgers Pennant
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