When it comes to mounting and framing original pieces of art we offer a variety of options that not only accent the aesthetics, but also conserves the work with archival- quality materials and processes.  After all, our concern for the longevity of the piece is paramount.

This is an example of the techniques employed while mounting a trio of original watercolors by local painter Charmagne Coe.  It is know as a “Hinge Mount”, and more specifically, an “S Hinge”.  It earned this moniker because the hinging material is attached to the back of the art, then passed through the mounting substrate and adhered to the back, thereby creating an “S” shape in the hinge.

It is very important that, while mounting original pieces, the art or the materials used by the artist can be restored to their original condition without damage being caused to the work.  The “S Hinge” is a fantastic solution because if there is ever any need or desire to change the framing style the hinges can be cut from behind without altering the painting.

This is my favorite style of mounting because it allows you to view the work in it’s entirety, without seeing the mounting materials being used.  I also love working with the original pieces.  Just don’t slip!

The Full Conservation Mount for Original Artwork
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