This April 6th we will be hosting our inaugural First Friday Artwalk for the 2012 season and we are proud to be celebrating the life of black and white photographer Mark Whiting who passed away last December.

Mark Ian Whiting was born December 16th, 1956 in the UK and moved to San Francisco at a very young age.  He became a mechanical engineer and worked on satellite systems, specializing in communications and mechanical integrity.  He began photographing landscapes early on in life, taking his inspiration from Ansel Adams and annual family trips to Tahoe and Yosemite.

Mark often traveled alone, or with his wife Linda in their Jeep to remote places to photograph with his large format 4×5 camera.  Strictly a black and white photographer, Mark shot traditional film and developed his work in his own darkroom. He also had a passion for British automobiles and spent considerable time restoring them. He fully restored a Triumph and had planned on restoring a Jaguar next.

Please join us Friday, April 6th at 427 S. San Francisco Street from 6pm-9pm to view Mark’s work and to remember his legacy.  His wife Linda will also be showing her paintings and hand pulled prints of her work that was inspired by their many years on the road chasing the light.

April First Friday Featuring Mark Whiting