We, here at The Framing Department, have recently been brainstorming new ways to cut down on our sizable weekly contribution to the recycling dumpster behind our building. One of the challenges we face as a “custom” framing operation is that we rarely produce anything that would fall into an “standard size” category. The matboard left over from any given job is relegated to a corner where it waits until someone comes in and (hopefully) has a project that can make use of it. Eventually it gets tossed in the recycle bin. This means that we are constantly trying to achieve a balance between using all of this “scrap” and maintaining an orderly work environment. As a potential solution to this conundrum we have created our “Framer’s Choice” program.

The Framer’s Choice is an opportunity for us to use more of our surplus, and for our customers to save a little money on their matting options.  All we ask is that our loyal, trusting customers put their artwork in our hands and we will provide them with the typically high-quality matting that they have come to expect from us.  The only difference is that we will be selecting mats to fit the artwork from our vast selection of surplus matboard to complement the piece.  We will be providing a double-mat of our choice for the stunningly low price of $10, (an average single mat for a 16″x20″ retails around $25).

We, of course, guarantee that the matboard used is acid-free, archival, flawless, and of the highest quality.  So, please, the next time you have something to be framed consider this as an option.  You’ll be helping us reduce our recycle waste, and make our framing operation a little greener.


“Framer’s Choice” For You & The Planet
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