Need new glass for your framed art? Need your glass cleaned? Have you dropped, thumped, scratched, or dinged your glass?

We will replace your glass absolutely free of charge, usually same-day.

Want to upgrade to the archival quality, 100% UV protection, glare-reducing “Museum Glass” or “AR Glass?” No problem. We will deduct the value of your original glass from the upgrade price!

Curious to know the difference between the various types of glass we offer? Check it out:

We carry all Tru View glass, the best the industry has to offer!

1) Museum Glass® anti-reflection picture framing glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection is the best glazing option available for art, photographs and other important personal keepsakes.  Along with its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer.


2) AR Reflection-Free® glass offers the same amazing clarity as Museum Glass®, but does not provide Conservation Grade UV Protection. It allows over 97% light transmission and reduces reflections to less than 1%. The result, enhanced colors, brightness and reflection-free viewing for optimal clarity.


3) Premium Clear glass is the highest quality regular framing glass available. It blocks 45% of UV light.

We also offer lamination – perfect for art outside of a frame or for frames without glass, as well as a variety of plexiglass options.

Wondering what kind of glass is best for your art? Give us a call! We would be happy to give you a quote over the phone or in person.


FREE glass replacement!