A while back we had the pleasure of framing a Shonto Begay original painting titled “Citation on the Green.” The image measured about 60″x80″ which was a little big to fit into our standard delivery vehicle…


(By the way, we are happy to deliver your framed/finished artwork!)

With Flagstaff’s perpetually gusty weather, we had to wait a while until we had a calm enough day to walk the art from our downtown framing shop to Shonto’s studio near Heritage Square, in the very heart of Flagstaff.

One such calm day arrived in late January, and we were able to safely relocate the painting back with its creator. The Arizona Daily Sun caught wind of it and photographer Betsy Bruner snagged this image of the painting in-transit as it crossed the railroad tracks – it made the front page!



We look forward to working with Mr. Begay in the future.

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Large Art Delivery: Shonto Begay’s Citation on the Green