So you have a French Cleat on the back of your artwork, and you aren’t exactly sure how to get it hanging on your wall?

Not to worry. Here is your (nearly) step-by-step guide to mounting a French Cleat.
(need the PDF version to print out for later? DOWNLOAD IT HERE)

1) There is a frame built into the back of the artwork. Along with it, you should have:
— Several screws
— One drywall anchor for each screw
— A loose piece of wood, which we will call the Cleat. This wood is labeled “Image” on one side and “Wall” on the other.
— Your beautiful artwork

photo 3

2) Once you have decidedwhere to hang your artwork, measure the height you would like it to sit above the floor and figure out where you need to install the cleat to get the art to stay at that height.

3) Install the cleat: “Wall” label should rest against the wall. “Image” label should stick out where the image will rest against the cleat. Ensure the cleat is level on the wall, or your image will be crooked!
— Have a helper hold the cleat while you mark where to drill holes for the drywall anchors (if necessary).
— Drill holes for drywall anchors. Tap into wall with a hammer (again, if necessary).
— Use provided screws to affix cleat to wall!

photo 5Top lip of cleat should face out towards you

photo 4

4) Hold image flat against the wall, starting with the middle of the image above the cleat. Slowly lower image onto the cleat until seated and stable.

5) Check to see the image is level. If it is not, you can use a piece of paper or cardboard to shim between the cleat and the frame to make it level.


French Cleat Install Guide