This post is one of a series of 13, highlighting Flagstaff-focused non-profit organizations that The Framing Department is partnered with! By mentioning our “13 Years of Giving” program, $13 from each framing order our customers place are donated to these amazing organizations driving positive change in our community.


Address and business hours, if applicable:

Center-1903 N 2nd Street
Our Food Box Program is open Monday-Friday from 10-1 at the Center.
Dinner is served nightly 365 days a year from 4-5:30 at the Center.
Our Sack Lunch Program runs daily from 10-4.
Food Bank- 3805 E Huntington Drive

The Food Bank is open Monday-Friday from 7:30-4 for Agency ‘shopping’ and donation drop offs.

When was the organization established? How long has it been active in Flagstaff?

Flagstaff Family Food Center was established on December 25, 1991. In 1993 FFFC was incorporated and accepted as a local United Way Agency. In 1994 we were granted 501(c)3 status.

What does the organization do? What is your main goal/purpose?

  1. Free Hot Meal-Serve approximately 7500 sit down hot meals every month in a family friendly environment seven days a week from 4pm-5:30pm.
  2. Emergency Food Box Program-Distribute over 1500 EFB’s, donated food boxes and produce boxes each month to local Flagstaff families.
  3. Non-Profit Agency Shopping-Support close to 30 local Agencies and their programs by allowing them to ‘shop’ our warehouse.
  4. Flagstaff Kitchen Mobile Lunch Program-Distribute 2100 pre-made lunches to seven non-profit agencies throughout Flagstaff monthly.
  5. Kitchen Door Lunch Program-Distribute over 1350 “to go” sack lunches out of the Kitchen monthly.
  6. Children’s Literacy Programs-Close to 6000 visits from children and over 4500 books given away to those children in 2013. Families and volunteers encouraged to read aloud to children to promote literacy.
  7. Breakfast Burrito Program-800 burritos delivered to local homeless shelter monthly.
  8. Backpack Program-Work in collaboration with United Way of Flagstaff to distribute 35 backpacks weekly to high risk elementary school kids.
  9. Wood 4 Warmth- Give out half cords of wood to those in need.

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Our main goal and purpose: We are devoted to alleviating hunger by collecting and distributing food and providing children’s literacy programs, to those in need in the greater Flagstaff, Arizona community.  Our commitment is to bring together food sources, children’s literacy programs, staff, volunteers and community partners to serve our clients with respect and dignity.

How do people get involved (can people volunteer, give donations, etc)?

There are three ways to give to FFFC.  Donate money, time or food.  Listed in order of importance!

What is your organization seeking from the community? Cash donations? Participation in events? In-kind donations? This is your chance to tell the reader how they can help!

Donate money! Without money we are unable to provide the overhead costs of running our facilities: employees, repairs to buildings and equipment, utilities, etc.

Donate your time! Without the help of volunteers we would be unable to put as much food into the Flagstaff community.  Our volunteers are key!


The following is a list of our volunteer opportunities:

  • Dry Food Box Production- Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm, groups up to 15 volunteers.
  • Produce/Cooler Food Box Production- Monday thru Friday 11am-3pm, groups up to 5 volunteers.
  • Walgreens Non-Food Sort- Thursday 8am-4pm, up to 6 volunteers for any four hour period.
  • Wood For Warmth- Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm, groups up to 10 volunteers.
  • Driver Ride Along- Monday thru Friday 7:45am-12pm, 1 individual must be on site at 7:45.
  • Prep Work- Monday thru Sunday 10am-12:30pm, 3-5 volunteers.
  • Serve Meal- Monday thru Sunday 3:30pm-6pm, group of 8-9.
  • Reading Room- Monday thru Sunday 4pm-5:30pm, 2-4 volunteers.
  • Distribute Food Boxes- Monday thru Friday 9:30am-1:30pm, 1-6 volunteers.
  • Volunteer for upcoming events to include: food drives at local grocery stores, Letter Carrier Food Drive.
  • Hold a food drive!- Without food donations we would be unable to serve as many families, individuals and Agencies as we currently do.  Receiving food from the local community helps to supplement the food we pick up weekly from local grocery stores and the weekly shipments we receive from St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. If interested please call Sara Jansen at 526.2211.

Do you have any special events coming up? 

AZ Gives Day- April 9th

Letter Carrier Food Drive- May 10th National Food Drive where the City Carriers, Rural Carriers and Postal Clerks partner with a local food bank to hold a community wide food drive.  The Carriers distribute a grocery bag and informational postcard in every Flagstaff mailbox a few days prior to the event.  On May 10th those same carriers will pick up and transfer all donations to the main Post Office.  We will have food bank volunteers on site at the Post Office to aid in the transfer of all donated food items to FFFC. This event enlists the help of 80 postal employees, 10 food bank employees and approximately 65 volunteers. Our goal is to bring in over 50,000 pounds of food this year.

What is your favorite part about doing business in Flagstaff and serving our community?

Flagstaff Family Food Center fills a basic need within the community.  By collecting food through our many resources we are able to directly feed approximately 1600 families with Emergency Food Boxes and close to 10,000 individuals are feed through our Kitchen each month.  We also support nearly 40 Agencies locally who are able to ‘shop’ our warehouse and utilize food items within their own programs.

It is a wonderful feeling when we get to see our Clients and Diners who were in need of assistance come back to us to donate time, food or money. Many come full circle and want to show their appreciation and thanks.

Is there anything else you would like to add that we have not asked? Put that here!

We are the only Food Bank in Flagstaff! Years ago, there were several food banks, each providing a part of these services. Now, everything is consolidated under one umbrella!

How can people get in touch with you?

Sign up to volunteer, find out how to donate food or money, sign up for our newsletter all at our websites- and

AZ Gives-



Giving Back: Flagstaff Family Food Center