One of the great treasures of living in the southwest is that we have access to lots of beautiful reclaimed barnwood.

Local framemakers have salvaged material from structures that were demolished or destroyed or just left to the ravages of time. That wood, taken from old barns and corrals, is re-made into frames custom to your specifications. They can be fit around mirrors, photographs, paintings, you name it!

We have several artisan woodworkers that we partner with to create these barnwood frames. Here is a small sampling of the beautiful material we have available:

photo 2

See that lace pattern? It’s actually Prickly Pear cactus spine that has been trimmed and flattened into a┬áthin sheet and then glued into place in the frame. All of this is done in Flagstaff by local woodworkers, with reclaimed wood from Flagstaff!

Bring in your photograph, or perhaps a mirror, and we would be happy to show you what these unique frames can do to enhance your home.

Desert Lace Frames with Reclaimed Barnwood