We do a lot of mounting and laminating here. In fact, it has quickly become one of our specialties. One mount that we have seen increase in popularity in the last few years is mounting to aluminum.

photo 1

Instead of having photographs printed on metallic paper, many of our clients will get regular inkjet prints (far less expensive) and have us laminate them, then mount them to a substrate called “Dibond,” which is essentially two very thin sheets of aluminum with a composite core between them. It weighs very little and acts as a rigid surface to mount photographs to.

The really cool thing about mounting to dibond is that we can get it finished in several different looks: black, white, brushed or polished aluminum, brushed copper, brushed or polished stainless, bronze, and more!



photo 3


When we mount to aluminum without a frame around the dibond, this typically leaves the image unprotected. To fix that, we like to apply a laminate to the face of the photograph, which protects it from UV light as well as bumps, scratches, spills and accidents in general.

To hang these types of the mounts in your home or business, we use the french cleat.

If you’d like more information about dibond mounts or any other alternative mounting process, please get in touch!

Mount to Aluminum Dibond