We’ve seen a couple instances in the last year of art getting stolen off the walls at restaurants. When all you use is a standard sawtooth or wire hanger, it’s pretty easy for someone to just grab something off the wall and sneak it out the door. Of course, they have to live with themselves having done the deed, but assuming they can handle that, your original art is gone.

Sometimes a plea on Facebook is enough to get it returned, sometimes all you get back are the mangled remains, if that much.

We have the solution. It only costs a couple dollars more than a standard wire frame, and is guaranteed to keep the opportunists of the world from a quick snatch/grab of your art.
They’re called “Security Hangers,” and they do exactly what you might think. They secure your art to the wall with an innovative locking screw. Not only is it impossible to steal without something making a huge ruckus and pulling out some drywall, it also makes the art less likely to simply fall off the wall, which will ruin your framing and might get you a fancy new lawsuit.



The screw in the top left, combined with the fancy wrench on the right, actually lock your art to the wall. It isn’t coming off until YOU unlock it!

Gives us a call or drop us an email to see if Security Hangers might be right for your art.

Another instance of stolen art — when Emma Gardner’s original painting came off the wall at McMillan and was later found in a mangled, torn heap of canvas.




How to Thief-Proof your Art