We’ve been carrying and processing traditional black and white film since the beginning, and we still offer Fuji Acros 100 as well as Kodak Tri-X 400 in 35mm and 120 sizes.

To compliment our black and white offerings, we are now carrying a variety of color negative film as well!

You may have heard recently that some color labs are no longer returning negatives on color processing. If you take your film to your old standby color lab / drugstore, chances are you won’t be getting your negatives back.

We can fix that.

If you bring us your color film, E-6, C41, we can have it processed and scanned for you in about 10 days. We promise, you’ll get your negatives back.

Give us a call: 928-527-1847 and we will get you squared away.

Now Selling (and processing) Color Film!