Shooting for Fun – Narrow Chimney Reading Series

Sometimes, you just want to grab your camera and make photographs of something for fun. We spent a delightful hour with Flagstaff’s Narrow Chimney Reading Series last night at Uptown Pubhouse, doing just that. Continue reading

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Now Selling (and processing) Color Film!

We’ve been carrying and processing traditional black and white film since the beginning, and we still offer Fuji Acros 100 as well as Kodak Tri-X 400 in 35mm and 120 sizes.

To compliment our black and white offerings, we are now carrying a variety of color negative film as well!

You may have heard recently that some color labs are no longer returning negatives on color processing. If you take your film to your old standby color lab / drugstore, chances are you won’t be getting your negatives back.

We can fix that.

If you bring us your color film, E-6, C41, we can have it processed and scanned for you in about 10 days. We promise, you’ll get your negatives back.

Give us a call: 928-527-1847 and we will get you squared away.

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Open Studios 2015

Screenshot 2015-07-20 at 3.37.17 PM

As usual, The Framing Department will be playing host to our talented friend and award-winning photographer, Shane McDermott, during the annual Open Studios weekend.

This year, we are excited to announce that we will also have work by Carme Ribera, a gifted potter and Christina Norlin, who works magic with glass and jewelry.

The event is Saturday, August 22 and Sunday, August 23, and our various artists will be showing their works at our flagship location – 427 S. San Francisco Street – On the corner of San Francisco and Ellery St.

Stop by, meet some of Flagstaff’s premier artists and learn a bit about their creative process.

Screenshot 2015-07-20 at 3.37.49 PM

Screenshot 2015-07-20 at 3.19.14 PM Screenshot 2015-07-20 at 3.18.47 PM

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Gallery Hanging Systems


At some point, if you get even mildly serious about your art “collection,” you will probably end up with holes in your walls. Lots and lots of holes.

Sure, you can patch, paint, and generally repair the wall as you go along. Or you can leave it as your homage to swiss cheese.

We prefer a third option.

Install your very own gallery hanging system. In your house. It’s simple, clean, incredibly versatile, and it won’t put a million holes in your walls. Plus, it’s rated to 150 pounds, so you can hang ALL the art from one system, or spread them out throughout your home.

You can get started on a single rail system for less than you might think, and once you’ve made the initial investment, adding an extra rail or two is easy! Whether you own your home or you rent, a gallery hanging system is the best non-invasive way to hang your art.

Give us a call or drop an email and let us help you upgrade your hanging solution!


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Diploma Framing Special!

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just graduated!

Diplomas are in the mail and we are ready to help you preserve that hard-earned piece of paper.

After all your hard work, do you really want to slap your degree in a cheap frame? Or do you want to display it proudly; showcase your success for all to see?

Of course, we understand you’ve already spent enough money on getting that degree, so we’re going to help you out.

Through the end of May, 2015 – bring in your highschool, college, or post-graduate documents for 40% off your total. We carry hundreds of beautiful archival-grade matboards including your school-colors (no matter which school you attended).

Prove that your shared this post and get a FREE upgrade to Anti-Reflective glass.

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